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Just a few of our funding options to show how Lendaline can finance your business

Take a look at the various finance products we can apply to most funding requirements

Business Loans

From Cash Flow finance to Working Capital, we'll give your bank balance the boost it needs.

We have access to over 30 years of experience providing financial solutions for our customers covering all types of funding

Increase the operational running of your business
Guarantee funds for upcoming projects or stock
Flexible repayment terms to suit your affordability
Asset Finance

Are you in need of new assets to service growth or upgrade to the newest kit and equipment?

From Machinery, Equipment, Tractors or Trailers, our Asset Finance and Refinance specialists are here to get the wheels in motion.

Reduce upfront cost by spreading your repayments
100% deductible against corporation tax
Flexible repayment terms to suit your affordability
Invoice Finance

Would you like up to 95% of your outstanding invoices way before those annoying 30 - 90 day payment terms?

Having money tied up in your unpaid invoices can have a huge effect on your liquidity. We can help release this cash from your invoices before they are paid.

Increase the operational running of your business
Guarantee funds for upcoming projects or stock
Flexible repayment terms to suit your affordability
Bridging Finance

Looking for short term funding to bridge the gap on your next exciting property purchase or renovation?

Whether you're looking for a fast, easy low payment loan or a short term funding solution for any business project, a Bridging Loan may be the answer for you.

Short term finance from 3 months to 24 months
Serviced or retained interest with 100% flexibility
Great rates on open ended or closed bridging loans
Merchant Cash Advance

Does your business take card payments? Need a solution to access your money quickly for cash flow purposes?

Super flexible loan's ranging from £10,000 up to £300,000 which are repaid on a daily or monthly basis as a fixed percentage of your future debit and credit card takings.

No APR, just a simple, fixed agreed repayment
Typically 6 to 9 month repayments terms
Only repay the agreed percentage of your takings
New Start Finance

Thinking of starting your own business? From an idea to a life changing decision, New Start
finance will help you launch!

Apply for a New Start business loan or finance facility and get approved in less than 2 hours. We can even arrange funds in your account the very next day with guarantor loans available too.

Any new business, we can approve your funding
Increase your borrowing with guarantor support
Bad Credit? We can still help your new business

Some of our valued funding partners

We have partnered with some of the best finance providers in the UK to offer flexible terms, competitive rates, a range of finance products and to accommodate for all types of businesses and their creditworthiness

Plus an additional 100+ lenders providing a diverse range of finance options to fund your business

Unsure which finance product you need? Call 01908 419621

A simple, secure,
no obligation
application process

Our applications are put together from personable conversations, we like to get to know our customers and build lasting relationships without automated algorithms making decisions on your behalf.

Quick Same Day Decisions

We will typically come back to you with a response to your finance application within 24 hours, however depending on the complexity of your application, we can revert with decisions and approvals within a matter of hours.

Flexible Financing Options

Whether it's the interest rate, the amount of funding, the term of borrowing, the type of finance product or the speed in which you need your application approved, we will try to accommodate all your needs while keeping the terms flexible.

Borrow from £10k to £5m

A New Start business or an established Corporate Company, we have access to funds from £10,000 to £5,000,000. If your project requires a higher level of financing we can still accommodate, just let us know how much you're looking for.

Regulated by the FCA

We are authorised and regulated by the FCA and entered on the Financial Services Register under the reference 975936. For proof of entry go to Relax, you're in compliant hands!

All Credit Types Considered

We appreciate not every business has a glowing credit rating and needs a different approach when sourcing finance. With our wide range of access to bespoke finance providers, we are confident we can find an acceptance for all credit types.

Lets get your business funded!

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